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We can create your design in acrylic. We have huge creative team just to cater your acrylic number plate dreams. To order these number plates, you have to connect with our executive for all works that you need. Cancel a number plate order. Report lost, stolen or destroyed number plates. Apply to collect number plates from another service centre. Renew the storage/hold period of number plates.

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Physical Number Plates. The physical front and back number plates to be displayed on the vehicle are sold separately. Please select "YES" if you want to order a set of high quality plates with your registration to display on your vehicle. Premium Quality Number Plates; 100% Road Legal & DVLA Compliant; Free Delivery with Tracking JDM Plates have that covered! We can supply both the standard size & smallest legal 4d number plates for both UKDM and JDM vehicles within the UK to fit your car registration.

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From a colourful border to eye-catching 3D fonts and even a choice of patriotic badges, our road-legal custom number plates are manufactured to last. Placing an order for our number plates couldn’t be easier using our simple number plate builder.

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To order a gift certificate, an application with the appropriate fee must be submitted to the Office of Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services. You must have an Iowa driver's license or nondriver ID to complete the online process. These include wedding number plates, birthday plates, sports event plates, engagement plates, christening plates, buggy plates etc.

Renew the storage/hold period of number plates. Custom number plates. Order a restyle of your existing number plate.
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Cheapest around my area is £25. Was a bit worried at first because I had sent them an email detailing how I'd like the plates, and if any of my requests would costs extra; to which they didn't reply, but they came with my number plate and the Welsh flag just like I'd asked.

FAQ Number Plates Made to Order (Starting from just £9.99 per plate) Need replacement number plates fast?
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Friday: 08:00-16:00 A legally registered number plate must always include the British Standard on the bottom right-hand corner of your number plate (BSAU145d). If you think that your car number plate has been cloned, you should contact the police and the DVLA at once. Are gel number plates legal? You will need an auxiliary plate if a bike rack or mobility device obstructs the view of your rear number plate. Replace lost/stolen or damaged number plates Find out how to replace lost or stolen state, district or seasonal number plates, return a found plate, remake damaged plates, and order replacement optional plates. Bought a pair for about £16 (that's with the 3.99 shipping) which is a bargain!

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At Halfords we stock replacement number plate fixings for all makes and models of cars. These low-cost parts can save you a lot of hassle and grief, ensuring your plate stays in place at all times.

uk pre-2001 number plates Plates issued in the UK before 2001 used a wider 57mm font Read more Design & Order Number plate orders TERMS & CONDITIONS Definitions 1 In these Terms and Conditions: “Act” means the Road Safety Act 1986; “custom plate” means a non-standard number plate displaying a registration number the subject of registration number rights; “non-standard number plate” … FAQ; Privacy Policy; Refund & Cancellation Policy; Safe & Secure Transaction; Terms & Conditions; Government Notifications; About HSRP; Grievance Redressal The 'Y' number plates are distinctive to the ACT featuring blue lettering on a reflective white background. The ACT has been using 'Y' for number plates since 1968. You can choose to purchase a non-standard number plate. Public, government, diplomatic or heavy vehicles have special number plates. Once your order is completed, the numberplates Number plate agreements may be purchased as a gift for another person, provided the application is completed in the recipient's name. Current fee details for new issues, replacements and transfer of special number plates are available from your local Customer Service Centre.